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Value Added services

RHS Logistics seeks to go beyond the traditional storage and retrieval services of a typical warehousing services provider. In addition to the state of the art facility supported by the most up to date systems and equipment, RHS philosophy is to assist the principal by offering a variety of value added services.

These value added services can manifest themselves in a variety of offers.  The services range from physical handling to systems integration and encompass all industry segments.

The scope of the offer is limited to soft assembly. RHS does not seek to be a manufacturer, producing a completed component or product from raw materials. They can complete full assembly as long as there is no hard manufacturing process such as welding, compression or extrusion.

Within these defined parameters RHS Logistics offer value added services to their warehousing clients and will undertake tasks of unlimited complexity as a contracted continuous process or unskilled to semi-skilled tasks on a consignment basis. RHS will work in unison or in isolation of the principal,depending on the nature of the work required. The pricing mechanisms for such tasks can be on an activity basis, a labour rate plus a square meter occupation rate or the most appropriate combination.

Some of the major Value Added Services:

  • Product Assembly Line
  • Quality Assurance
  • Software Installation
  •  Electronic Data Transfers
  • Repalletisation
  • Relocalisation process
  • Specific Identification packing
  • Visual Mechanical Inspection
  • Software check and upgrade
  • Testing for GSM/GPRS
  • Etching - country of origin
  • Labeling – based on Country of origin, destination, Packing configuration
  • Warranty repair and return procedure
  • Computer hardware Technical rework
  • Reworking of sleeves
  • Rework of components
  • Pick and Pack Pallet as per specification
  • Promotional Bundling

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