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Information Utilisation & Visibility Technique – E Commerce

RHS Logistics provides various methods of E- Commerce activities and data connectivity with the clients computer systems. These include online inventory management access through secured username and password as well as electronic data interchanges.

RHS Logistics Online Inventory Management Access Services include:

  •     Place Purchase Order
  •     Stock view Place
  •     Place Shipment Order
  •     View various real time stock related reports
  •     Track and trace Shipment

RHS Logistics systems provide seamless data visibility throughout the supply chain process.

System Integrations (EDI – Global Standards for Information Exchange)

RHS Logistics provides customers the security and efficiency of EDI to ensure Data Integrity between connecting systems. EDI also ensures data accuracy and the Inventory velocity by avoiding duplicate data accuracy and data entry time. .

  •     Identify Integration needs of customers
  •     Reduced deployment times while increasing flexibility and adaptability
  •     Provide a cost effective link between disparate systems and customers applications.
  •     Pro-active management of all integration points through exception alerting (E-mails, SMS etc)
  •     Reduces integration timelines through pre-configured communications standards and application interfaces.

Standard EDI transaction documents includes:

  •     Product Master
  •     Product – Bill of Material
  •     Inbound Despatch Advise (Purchase Order or ASN)
  •     Receipt Advise (Goods Received Information)
  •     Inventory Report
  •     Instruction to Despatch (Shipment Orders to Customers)
  •     Despatch Advice (After Pick)
  •     Invoice file
  •     Despatch Advise (After Ship)

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